A&V in Straße und Autobahn: Construction price increases as supplementary claims – a progress report

The economic downturn in the construction industry is on everyone’s lips. One of the many reasons for this is certainly the sharp rise in construction prices, which is deterring some investors from realising new construction projects and concluding construction contracts. However, the parties to existing construction contracts are also affected by these sharp rises in construction prices and regularly ask themselves how to deal with these developments. The interests of clients and contractors are, of course, conflicting. Contractors will regularly ask themselves whether and how they can “pass on” the increased construction prices to their respective clients. Clients, on the other hand, will ask themselves whether they have to fulfil the corresponding claims or whether the agreed prices will remain the same. This German article by Sören Ramm provides an overview of the legal principles that apply here and how these issues are currently being dealt with in legal scholarship:

Baupreissteigerungen als Nachtragsforderungen – ein Sachstandsbericht, Strasse und Autobahn, 2023-S.1012-1014

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