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Procurement Law


We advise both tenderers and contract-placing authorities with any and all issues relating to Procurement Law.

Contract-placing authorities who are subject to national or European Procurement Law are offered support and legal advice during all phases of an award procedure. Our activities range from assistance in drawing up tender documents via the documentation of procedures, legal evaluation of bids to warding off of objections and applications for re-examination.

For the tenderer, we provide advice on the respective rules of procedure in all phases of the award procedure. We examine the legality of the intended award decision, draw up letters of objection and conduct re-examination. Since tenderers who consider themselves treated unjustly during an award procedure only have a few days to complain of the alleged infringement, they depend on rapid legal advice. Due to their experience, our lawyers handling procurement cases are in a position to provide clients quickly and efficiently with well-founded advice concerning Procurement Law. Since the reorganization of Procurement Law in 1999, our team has taken part in a large number of re-examination proceedings and demonstrated their expert knowledge in various publications.

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