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Employment Law regulates all legal relationships between employers and employees and their representative bodies. The problems in this field are not only enormously manifold but also full of obstacles and uncertainties. The legislator constantly adds new rules which are less and less co-ordinated. In addition, Germany is rapidly changing as a business location – due to globalisation, the increasing influence of the European Union and last, but not least, the ‘home-made’ crisis’s in the labour market.

Our team is here to meet these difficult challenges with determined specialisation. Specialist lawyers (Fachanwalt) who have the necessary competence and experience to prevent the area of Employment Law from becoming a stumbling block.

Company restructuring not only raises a number of company law issues, but also always requires the support of the labor market to achieve the best possible economic result, whether it’s regarding privatisation, outsourcing, or any other form of conversion – including decommissioning or commercial transfer. This is especially true in times of a crisis. Whatever needs of your case, our team is here to advise you comprehensively and competently about the consequences and possibilities of work law –in close consultation with our legal specialists.

Another focus of our consultancy is the termination of employment and other employment relationships, such as managing directors and board members, commercial agents and freelancers. This includes, in particular, the clarification of tax related and social insurance issues. First and foremost we represent employers, but we also include employees among our clients to get a broad view of the needs within this area.

Termination of employment starts at the conclusion of the contract. The framework for the organisation of a “suitable” employment contract is tightly defined by the prevailing employment law in Germany. It is determined by a strict employment protection law, the limited possibility of the conclusion of fixed-term employment contracts and other complicated regulations such as the age of part-time employment. All this requires knowledge of current jurisprudence and a high level of expertise. We bring both of these to create work and service contracts that not only meet your needs, but also give you the necessary legal certainty you require.

Collective Labour Law requires more and more legal support. A large number of factors are responsible for the reform of the Works Constitution Act, including the stronger shifting of collective regulations from the area tariff to the firms and a fierce struggle between employers and employees. The desire of employers for more flexibility and cost reduction, which is often a result of economic constraints, is often against the best interests of employees in the area of protection of acquired possession. With our extensive expertise – especially in the public sector – we contribute to the development of legal solutions. Our team can support you in the conclusion of company or service agreements, collective bargaining, social plan and / or interest settlement negotiations as well as arbitration and decision-making procedures.

Leading disputes to a successful conclusion requires more than just a high level of legal expertise. Just as equally important are the safe conduct and negotiation skills. With these qualities, our team is here to represent you in front of all arbitration boards, all labor courts and national labor courts up to the Federal Labor Court. Of course, this also applies to all civil courts, with the exception of the BGH (Federal High Court of Justice).

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