Job duties of a notary

8 of our lawyers in Bremen are also civil law notaries. The activities of a civil law notary, all of whom are obliged to be neutral by profession, are primarily focused on legal transactions that require the intervention of a notary.

Our civil law notaries have particular expertise in the fields of Property Law, matters of Company Law and the setting up marriage contracts, as well as wills.

The team is very familiar with international issues and standards, regularly advising on the execution of notarial deeds in both German and English.

Job description of notaries

In real estate law, activity is predominantly focused on land purchase contracts, building contract revenues and financing guarantees. Other areas of activity include the justification and transfer of housing property and hereditary building rights, as well as the merging and division of land.

In matters of corporate law, Ahlers & Vogel’s notaries are primarily responsible for company foundations, transfers of business share, and the reform and transformation of statutes.

The notaries active in this field have special expertise in the certification of company transformations and company acquisitions.


The services provided by our notaries in this area are primarily centred on the design of marriage and partnership agreements, notarial wills and inheritance contracts. In the case of succession, our notaries also oversee their successful execution.


Dr. Jochen Böning

Christian Darge

Jörn H. Linnertz

Dr. Ralph Meyer im Hagen

Dr. Claudia Nottbusch

Julia Stahlhut

Dr. Jan-Martin Zimmermann