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Construction Law and Law for Architects


With a cross-location team of experienced real estate and construction lawyers, we advise national and international clients in all phases of the planning and realisation of their projects, both in private and public construction law.

It goes without saying that we provide interdisciplinary advice, in particular on issues of corporate law, labour law, public procurement law and insolvency law, as well as a legal review of notarial real estate purchase agreements.

By doing so, we advise our clients regarding the acquisition of the property, project development, conclusion of contracts and warranty management. We stand by our clients throughout the entire life cycle of the property. In doing so, we always maintain a cooperative advisory style with the parties involved in the construction in order to secure the best results for the project and our client.

Sometimes, however, legal proceedings cannot be avoided. Our experienced lawyers support our clients in asserting or defending claims.

Our clients include medium-sized companies as well as internationally operating construction groups as well as public clients, private investors and insurers. The spectrum of construction projects we support in a legal way is correspondingly broad. It ranges from hotel complexes, shopping and event centres, single-family and multi-family houses to bridges, barrages, port facilities, power plants, motorways, railway lines or motor sports facilities. Another focus of our work is the legal support of bidding consortia (BIEGEN) and construction consortia (ARGEN) as an interface between construction and public procurement law and corporate law.

Together with our clients, we draft construction contracts and architect contracts tailored to the project. We also review and revise the drafts submitted by the contractual partner of our clients. In this phase of the project it is our focus to develop a legally secure basis for the contract, but also to identify potential future points of dispute and to make arrangements to avoid potential later disputes.

It goes without saying that we accompany our clients during the negotiation of the contracts – be it with personal presence or in an advisory capacity in the background.

One of the focal points of our work is the provision of advice during the construction phase itself. It is important to set the right course from the start in order to protect the client’s rights and claims or to ward off unjustified claims by the contractual partner.

We always keep the economic perspective in focus and know the requirements and processes on the construction site. Together with you, we develop strategies that really can be implemented in practice.

We work for architects and clients starting with the drafting of the contract in order to create a reliable basis for the constructive implementation of the building project.

Of course, we also assist both clients and architects when it comes to enforcing the respective claims, for example, in warranty issues or when asserting the fee.

Furthermore, we act for architects and their liability insurers in the defence against claims for damages.

We also advise our clients on all aspects of public building law, from the creation of a building right through planning approval and development plan procedures to building permit procedures.

We also focus on regulatory law, nature and environmental protection law as well as plant and development contribution law.

Our lawyers specialising in public procurement law advise clients who are subject to national or European public procurement law in all phases of the tendering of construction and planning services as well as in other procurement procedures of all kinds. Our advice often begins with the conceptual design and continues with the preparation of the tender documents, support during the award procedure and representation of interests in any award review proceedings in front of the public procurement tribunals and senates.

Of course, we also advise bidders or participants in tender competitions. From the point of view of the companies, we review the tender documents, formulate bidder questions if necessary or optimise the value of secondary bids. Our scope of services also includes the coordination of public procurement complaints as well as the representation of bidders’ interests in review proceedings under public procurement law or in interim injunction proceedings at the civil courts.

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