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Government Liability Law


Located at our central office in Bremen, we regularly deal with procedural issues relating to government liability, mainly on behalf of public corporations, – especially cities and communities – federal states and federal authorities. We are commissioned to defend claims for damages and compensation tthat have been made against the state, based on alleged violations of road safety obligations but also based on claims for compensation resulting from expropriations and expropriation-like acts. We are also active in the field of Criminal Law, with regard to compensation claims in Penal Law or due to consequential Claims for Removal due to sovereign acts. We also support federal states in disputes relating to claims for damages resulting from lengthy court proceedings.

Anwältinnen im Gespräch

Given our specialist knowledge, hands-on approach and our organisation’s reputation as a full-service law firm, which is active with proven experts in nearly all relevant fields of law, you can rely on the knowledge of our experienced trial lawyers . They are in a position to conduct all processes with the currently required expertise in the area of state liability law, which is based on a wide range of different legal areas.

Within the framework of process management, we work together with the authorities to consider the various interests of the legal parties involved and the insurance companies throughout every step of the proceedings. Through an interdisciplinary and goal-oriented approach, combined with our great sensitivity to the authorities interests as well as the individual citizens’ interests (due to the personal integrity of our lawyers and their many years of experience and expertise), we are able to provide state agencies with the highest level of quality and reliability we can offer.

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