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Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation


Apart from proceedings in the national courts, many contracts also provide for arbitration. Ahlers & Vogel have wide-ranging experience in the field of international and national arbitration. Many of our lawyers are highly regarded arbitrators in different kinds of proceedings, especially in matters of Maritime Law and Construction Law. And of course, we also undertake legal representation in arbitration proceedings on a regular basis.

We have always supported clients in extra-judicial dispute settlements and have negotiated settlements in order to avoid lengthy proceedings. Aside from existing negotiation procedures, so-called mediation is becoming more and more established in Germany. Mediation is a structured process to resolve conflicts between parties. Through mediation, an attempt is made to work out binding conflict solutions through a mediator – acting on behalf of all parties and thus not bound to a single one – where in the ideal case the outcome reached is beneficial to both parties. Mediation is often used to avoid long and expensive proceedings and to find responsible solutions, as it is not the mediator who decides in place of the parties. In the case of mediation, we act as consultants. Moreover, Dr. Jan van Dyk and Mr. Jörn H. Linnertz, two of our lawyers, are trained mediators.

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