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Traffic Law


Traffic Law is getting increasingly complex. Everyone is a road user of necessity, be it as a pedestrian or a driver.

We offer clients expert advice and representation on a sound basis regarding all issues of Traffic Law. This requires knowledge of Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law, basic traffic-related medical and psychological knowledge – as well as technical understanding in the context of accident analysis – are also indispensable.

We act as defence lawyers in traffic-related criminal proceedings as well as in proceedings relating to administrative traffic offences. We advise and represent in criminal proceedings regarding measures affecting driving licences, administrative offence proceedings and procedures (disqualification from driving and removal of disqualification, driving bans, MPU* procedures) and also regarding the new EU Driving Licence Law. The firm also provides judicial and extra-judicial representation in Civil Traffic Law, including Sales Law, and the pursuit and defence of claims in cases of personal injury and property loss. We also guide clients with their settlement negotiations with third party and liability insurers and provide assistance with the medical and psychological examination of drivers.

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