The aim of “TAV – Talent Management at Ahlers & Vogel”, is provide an opportunity for beginners to lay the foundations for a successful professional and personal development during a four-year funding phase. The career path from a lawyer into a comprehensive consultant with specialist focus is certainly not completed after the four-year funding phase. The knowledge and individual skills acquired during the funding phase can be developed in the future. The aim is that our colleagues are not only experts in their respective specialist areas, but  also able to answer and deal with questions outside of their area of expertise, before referring clients to a specialist if necessary.

In doing so, our colleagues are not only familiar with the purely legal aspects, but also have economic and tax knowledge as well as knowledge of the operational procedures and modalities in the areas of our clients. By doing this, we ensure that we’re able to provide specialist legal advice, tailored to the specific needs of the client. We achieve this through the education and training that is provided by TAV, allowing us to improve our offering to the firm’s clients.

Experience report from the TAV programme:

Jusletter_2020-04_BauR_Bericht Secondment TAV

We believe our success is based on the professional qualifications and personality of our staff. Therefore, we place great emphasis on these core competences when looking to recruit.

The newly assisting colleagues are assigned to an experienced partner – their very own ‘legal Mentor’ – who makes the selection with the staff-supervisory board. As well as a strong, comprehensive grasp of legal knowledge being a prerequisite, which should be expressed in the form of an honor’s degree, we place particular emphasis on social competence; the capacity to assert and the ability to resolve conflicts; and the joint independence and teamwork skills of our talents. A doctorate, comparable additional qualification (LL.M.) or additional knowledge of foreign languages are also very welcome. The most promising candidates can be realised by flexible working hours, alongside compatibility of family and work. This has allowed us to noticeably increase the proportion of female colleagues in our company due to our flexibility.

After the first stage, you will be promoted. This is done by the Mentor who has been personally assigned to you – often an experienced colleague who has been working in your field for a long time and who is on hand to provide you with advice and assistance when you need it. Of course, you are also able to contact all other colleagues at other locations at any time. We are happy to help you! To help you on your journey to becoming a comprehensive consultant with a professional focus, we support you in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, divided into the following four areas:

Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4
General Law Economy and Taxes Softskills Specialist Focus
Central aspects of all legal areas of the company
• Labour Law• Procedural Law

• Corporate Law

• Foreclosure

• Procurement Law

• Traffic Law

• Notary

• IT-Law

• Family- and Inheritance Law

• Tax Law• Structural

• Financing

• Calculations

• Bookkeeping and Balances

• Risk Management

• Compliance

• Rhetoric• Conduct of Negotiations

• Time Management

• Communication

• Presentation

• Project Management

• Business English

• Introductory Courses• Specialist Lawyer Courses

• Internship

While the events on the topics 1 to 3 can be performed by all colleagues, we will design the subject-specific events of section 4 individually, according to your specialist focus.

The topics of section 1 are covered by lecture events. Lecturers are experienced colleagues from our law firm, who have their long-standing focus in the respective subject area. This also applies to the topics of section 2, in which we also rely on trusted, external speakers, such as tax consultants and accountants, with whom we frequently use to consult our clients.

In the promotion of so-called soft skills from area 3, we are exclusively using external assistance, for example through the DAI and DAA events or other providers and coaches. Especially in the areas of “speaking” and “occurrence”, we have already had good experiences with teachers and actors.

The contents of the topics of section 4 which are relevant to your professional focus are also taught by the colleagues already working in this department, as well as by external providers (DAI, DAA, forumv ergabe, etc.). After successful introductory courses, the successful completion of the theoretical course of studies in your later focus area is also an aim. The specialist focus will be rounded off – as far as possible – by a two-week company internship with a client of your main area of law. By doing this, you are not assigned to the Law Department or the legal department, but instead go through the various departments of the company. Through these first-hand experiences, you will be able to recognise the individual needs of the clients, in order to work out tailor-made legal solutions. The annual planning for our talents will be as follows starting from 2013, whereby in the example the focus is laid on Construction Law and Procurement Law.


Jahr In general individually
2013 Procurement Law Notary Labour Law Conduct of Negotiations Introduction Construction Law
2014 Foreclosure Tax Law Corporate Law Rhetoric Introduction Procurement Law
2015 Traffic Law Compliance Procurement Law Presentation Specialist Lawyer Course
2016 IT-Law Bookkeeping and Balances Family-/Inheritance Law Project Management Internship

Responsible for the organization and implementation of the TAV events are Philipp Landers and Othmar K. Traber. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

The promotion is further supported by the fact that every talent works during the funding phase at another AV location for at least two weeks each, in order to gain a better knowledge of both colleagues and the employees. In addition, each talent has a fixed number of working hours available per month, which can be used individually, for example, for pro-bono mandates, publications or client circulars. The concept is also framed by annual employee discussions, which, according to a structured guide, individually reflect the status of the talent, target agreements and other arrangements with the mentor. In addition to the professional aspects, there are plenty of opportunities for exciting extra-curricular activities and sporing events (company runs, regattas, etc.).

If this promotion in a personal and trusting atmosphere meets your expectations, please contact us today.