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Dr. Tina Grosskurth studied law in Göttingen and Wolverhampton (GB) and has been working as a lawyer since 2001. After working in a law firm in Bielefeld, which specialized in economic law, she has been advising as bar-certified specialist our clients in Building Law and Law of Architects extrajudicially and judicially since 2006. She mainly works for medium-sized companies and corporations in all issues relating to construction and forensic matters. She also represents architects and engineers. In 2009 she became a partner of our law firm.


ARGE Baurecht in the German Lawyers Association
Deutscher Baugerichtstag e.V.
German Association for Construction Law
Institute for Construction Law Freiburg, Breisgau, Germany
Committee of Experts “Construction Law and Law for Architects” of the Hanseatic Bar Association Hamburg


Prüfungs- und Hinweispflichten des Auftragnehmers beim Bauvertrag und Haftungsausgleich zwischen den Baubeteiligten
Studien zum Zivilrecht, Bd. 56, 184 S.
Verlag Dr. Kovac, Hamburg 2008
ISBN: 978-3-8300-3823-8