Torsten Kühl

Lawyer | Senior Associate


28203 Bremen
Contrescarpe 21
Telephone +49 (421) 33 34-226
Telefax +49 (421) 33 34-111

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About me

Torsten Kühl studied law in Marburg and Oslo. After his legal traineeship in Düsseldorf, he worked as a lawyer in a medium-sized Tax Consultancy firm from 2009 onwards, before joining our firm in 2017. Torsten advises our clients in Customs Law as well as in Excise Tax Law, Foreign Trade Law and Market Regulation Law. This includes, for example, the appeal of import notices, tariff and customs value disputes / collective bargaining, the law relating to place of origin, Preferential Law and Anti-dumping Law. In the area of excise duty, Mr Kühl’s main focus is on coffee and tobacco Taxation Law. He assumes the representation of parties in out-of-court and financial judicial procedures. He also represents our clients in the area of Customs Criminal Law, as well as in civil damages proceedings whenever there is a connection to the legal areas mentioned above.

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Anmerkung zum Urteil des Hessischen Finanzgerichts vom 08.06.2016 (7 K 356/13) – Kein Ausschluss der EUSt-Freiheit gestohlener und von der Versicherung des Geschädigten eingeführter Rückwaren
Zeitschrift für Zölle und Verbrauchsteuern, Ausgabe 4 (Beilage 2) 2017, Seite 24