A&V in AW-Prax: Force Majeure in International Trade Law
Main features of international business law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

Due to the Corona pandemic, the problem of impediments to performance has come to the fore. Therefore, the idea of using “force majeure clauses” in contracts has come up on various occasions. Not only can the absence of such clauses not remedy the situation in old contracts, but such agreements would also not be helpful in negotiations of new contracts.

The article by Prof. Dr. Christoph Graf von Bernstorff gives an overview of the existing legal regulations and helps to classify them.

Force Majeure im internationalen Kaufrecht, AW-Prax 2021, S. 84-86

The effects of the Corona pandemic and the question of force majeure in international trade are also dealt with in the articles by Prof. Dr Burghard Piltz Covid-19 bedingte Lieferstörungen, IHR 2020, 133-137 and Dr Tobias Eckardt Art. 79 CISG in der internationalen Rechtsprechung – Eine Auswahl französischer, schweizerischer, belgischer, US-amerikanischer, niederländischer und spanischer Entscheidungen, IHR 2020, 140-149.

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