A&V in AW-Prax: Delivery by handing over the goods to the carrier
Practical questions on delivery and transfer of risk in distance selling

This article deals with questions of practical relevance that revolve around the issues of “delivery to the carrier” and “delivery by making available”.
Here, in particular Art. 31 CISG comes into play.

In this article, Prof. Dr. Christoph Graf von Bernstorff discusses further legal principles of the transfer of risk in the sale by delivery to a place other than the place of performance.

Lieferung durch Übergabe der Ware an den Beförderer, AW-Prax 2021, S. 118-121

Dr Tobias Eckardt sheds light on the relevant intersection between international purchase and transport contract documents in this context Das UN-Kaufrecht und die zur Verfügung über die Ware berechtigenden Beförderungsdokumente, TranspR 2019, 491-495.

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